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Another Year, Another Chance to Get Healthier!

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Welcome back! If your break was anything like mine, you spent most of it celebrating the end of a rough semester and binging on all the homemade meals that you’ve missed over the last 5 months. Also like me you decided not to think about the calories you just consumed on your second serving of grandma’s homemade deserts (my grandma makes a mean ambrosia that no one else can recreate). Now that we’re all back at school, Continue Reading

Homecoming Weekend

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Homecoming is a pretty major weekend for our alumni and current students. The Department of Campus Recreation takes part every year by offering events for everyone to come together in. This year’s events won out against the cold rain.

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A True Battle To the Depths (of the pool)

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For the past 3 semesters, Campus Recreation has offered an intramural competition to end all competitions! An epic real-life scale game of Battleship: Battle Canoes.
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Getting Our Zumba On

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ZumbathonEach semester UNCG offers 98 Zumba® classes for students and SRC Members. Once a semester the students are offered an opportunity to test their moves and have a bit of fun benefiting a great cause. Read More

Keeping Yourself Spartan Strong

Posted on Friday, October 3rd, 2014 by Frankie Mifsud under Fitness. Tags: , ,

Spartan Fitness Competition EquipmentBecoming Spartan Strong is just another way to become involved in campus events here at UNCG. Students, faculty, and staff had a busy weekend showing everyone just how its done.

Last Friday 9 students were put to the test! The Spartan Fitness Competition consisted of six events created to challenge the endurance, strength, flexibility and speed of participants. Continue Reading

New Kid on the Blog

Posted on Monday, September 15th, 2014 by Frankie Mifsud under Campus Rec, Involvement. Tags: ,

Welcome back to school! I’m sure at this point we are all a little tired of hearing that. And with midterms around the corner, it’s a bit late with the welcome party.

My name is Serina and I’m the newest member of the promotions staff. I will be updating you on the events and happenings here at Campus Recreation this year. A bit about me; I am a Senior in the Photography Department, I am the President and Co-Captain of the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team. I have a background in quite a few sports (soccer, lacrosse, football, and basketball). I also have a worked a bit in photojournalism and marketing.

Throughout the year you will be hearing from me along with the other staff about the various programs and events we offer here at UNCG. We have a wide array of ways to get involved. Between the special events, Intramural and Club Sports, Outdoor Adventures and the Student Rec Center, we can fit to your schedule and work to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is a great way to meet new people and get involved in your school’s activities. Sometimes it’s just nice to get out and be active for a bit, release some of those endorphins on a stressful day of classes or studying or even a great way to catch up with friends while doing something productive!

Don’t be afraid to try out our programs or sign up to be apart of a class! Campus Recreation is here for you!

Men’s Soccer Club: Players with a Goal

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Men's Soccer Club Are you looking for something a little more competitive than Intramural Soccer? You might be interested in our Men’s Soccer Club! This is the Continue Reading