Personal Training

Special Facility AnnouncementThe Student Recreation Center will close Friday, July 22nd at 8pm for the transition to the Leonard J Kaplan Center for Wellness, which will open on Monday, August 1st.

Personal Training

Personal Training Benefits

A little help and motivation go a long way on the road to overall health and fitness. Our nationally accredited certified personal trainers develop effective exercise programs and create a supportive environment to assist you in achieving your goals. The overall goal of our program is to guide individuals into adopting a healthy lifestyle. Personal Training is for individuals of ALL fitness levels.

A personal trainer will aid you in attaining the following objectives:

Set clear and realistic health and fitness goals, using the guidelines set by the American College of Sports Medicine.

  • How your goals will be achieved
  • Amount of work needed to reach goals
  • Types of activities desired to reach goals
  • Frequency and intensity of workouts
  • Follow recommended guidelines for individuals with diseases and conditions such as heart and lung disease, diabetes, arthritis, neurological and chronic conditions
  • We work closely with other health and medical professionals to provide the best service.

Recommend and instruct on proper exercise techniques.

  • Teach safe and effective use of equipment to avoid injury
  • Teach proper body mechanics
  • Teach and provide exercises that suit needs

Individualize an exercise program.

  • Incorporate all fitness components including muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular conditioning
  • Guide exercise sessions
  • Monitor progress and adjust exercise program accordingly
  • Provide accountability and motivation