Kaplan Center Exam Schedule:

The Kaplan Center will have modified hours of operation May 2nd - May 14th. Visit the Hours of Operation page for a full schedule.

Facility Reservations

The Department of Recreation & Wellness seeks to meet the diverse needs of students and the University community.  Priorities for facility reservations include scheduling all Department of Recreation & Wellness programs including intramural sports, sport clubs, fitness programs, and informal recreation. In addition to our departmental programs, we strive to assist other departments, clubs and organizations within our campus community.  If we are able to assist the great Greensboro community we will consider this possibility during our non-peak usage hours.

When deciding which events to schedule in our facilities, we consider the impact on our participants and strive to minimize the impact on regular user groups.  However, at times this may involve asking patrons to adjust their work out schedule to allow us to meet the needs of the larger campus community.  Recreation & Wellness’s goal is to provide quality facilities, programs, and services to the entire community.  Each and every one of you is important to the Department of Recreation & Wellness.

Reserving an On-Campus Recreation Facility

Who can reserve space?

Recreation & Wellness facilities may be reserved by UNC Greensboro recognized student organizations, UNC Greensboro faculty/staff/departments, and unaffiliated entities.

Student Organizations

Please note – all recognized student organizations completing the Recreation & Wellness Reservation Form must submit an Event Contract Agreement request through Campus Activities and Programs (CAP). A request must be made at least 4 weeks prior to the event. Failure to complete the Event Contract may result in a cancellation of the reservation.

Please follow the link below for instructions on how to complete the CAP Event Contract Agreement:

Once you have completed a CAP Event Contract Agreement, you can continue with the Recreation & Wellness Reservation Form.

You must be a member of a registered student organization with a Virtual Event Management System (VEMS) account to reserve a space in the Kaplan Center. Your organization should submit a Request for Student Organization VEMS Account form that will identify which two members of the organization will be allowed to submit requests for their organization.

You should read and become familiar with the Reservations and Event Management policies.

Reservations can be made in two different ways. You can access Virtual Event Management System (VEMS), or visit the Recreation & Wellness Administrative Office located in room 212 of the Kaplan Center.


Reservations can be made via the Virtual Event Management System (VEMS).

If you currently do not have a Virtual Event Management System (VEMS) account, click on “My Account” on the VEMS front page followed by “Create an Account”.

Follow the instructions to create your VEMS account. Someone from the Kaplan Center will be in touch once you have created your account to activate your account.

If you have questions, please contact Scott Cato at

Community Members

Non-University affiliated groups wishing to reserve facility space will be handled n a case-by-case basis. Rental and other fees will be charged.

Profit-making vantures are excluded by law from the University campus (see “Merchandising Policy).

Please contact Scott Cato to learn more about hosting your event at the Kaplan Center.

Reservations at Kaplan Center / Piney Lake

  • Reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Reservations must be made no later than 14 calendar days before your event.
  • Non-university groups must reserve facilities at least one month in advance.
  • You must submit your reservation request on-line through our Recreation & Wellness Facility Request Form.

For questions regarding On-Campus facility reservations please call 334-4858.

Submitting a Reservation Request

EMS LogoIndividuals can check the facility schedule and submit reservation requests by clicking on the EMS logo.