Team Quest

Team QUEST creates cutting edge and dynamic programs that put individuals in charge of their own experiences! By programming from a philosophy of Experiential Education we believe the most effective program happens when you are actively engaged in your own learning and team development. What Team QUEST offers is a unique hands on experience to enhance group development by improving leadership, communication, trust and engaging in creative thinking, effective decision making, as well as enacting support among participants. A typical program will have our facilitators guiding your group through a series of activities specifically chosen based upon your groups desired outcomes. These will both challenge and engage your team to discover new learning outcomes with the ultimate goal being to transfer the knowledge and skills gained to your group’s typical organization or team setting.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About US

“I like the way the facilitators allowed this to be our’s. They guided the raft, but ultimately we picked the course.”
Wake Forest Family & Community Medical Interns

“Team QUEST is the highlight of our new intern orientation. The majority of our interns are new to the area, and Team QUEST is a great way for them to get to know each other. More importantly, the day sets the foundation for a year of mutual trust and teamwork.”
David P. Miller, MD
Associate Program Director
Wake Forest University Internal Medicine Residency Program

“One of our most productive and memorable days for our Associates during our entire six month training program. This experience has a positive impact that extends far beyond the immediate group and time. It creates lasting changes.”
Connie S. Kuhlman
LDP Process Manager
BB&T University

“I find the Team QUEST program helpful to uncover team dynamics that we know exist, but don’t know how to explain. The program gets to the core issue of team diversity, and provides insight in how to adjust accordingly. In my mind, the day spent with Team QUEST is critical in forging better leaders. Furthermore, we receive constant positive feedback about this session class after class.”
Rob Eatman
Assistant Vice President
Senior Business Training Advisor