Types of Programming

Team QuestTeam QUEST provides training for a wide variety of groups including university groups, non-profit agencies, and corporate clients. We design programs for groups who are interested in taking a hard look at how their team functions. We also work with teams who are interested in the value of having a shared experience that promotes positive group development and a fun experience they can reference in the future. Before we plan the experience for each group, we complete a “needs assessment” to gain a better understanding of what each organization is hoping to accomplish with a day at Team QUEST. We then design your program accordingly.

Team QUEST facilitators select specific activities that work toward your specific goals. We always select from a wide number of portable initiatives and activities that can be set up anywhere. In addition, we can also choose from the following types of activities:

Low Challenge Course Elements

Team QuestThese elements provide an opportunity to participate in a progressive series of challenging and fun activities that can incorporate mental, physical and emotional risk taking in a supportive group environment. Our course encompasses a wide variety of ground based initiatives that encourage team development. These challenges can help your group to become more comfortable with one another, challenge your group members to problem solve together, and can be tailored to the physical ability of your participants. Programs that include low challenge elements typically last 3 to 3.5 hours but can be tailored to the group’s time frame.

High Challenge Dynamic Course

The high challenge course provides an engaging experience that allows groups to enact their trust and support mechanisms. This course includes a number of hands-on, group based activities off the ground with participants attached to safety equipment. Group members are also trained to operate a rope safety system used to keep each other safe. Perceived risk provides the perfect opportunity for participants to trust, provide appropriate verbal support, set meaningful goals, and practice coaching skills with each other. These programs must be paired with a low challenge course, orienteering course, or mobile course and can take from 2 to 4 hours.

Team Expedition Course

This three-level challenge course is for teams interested in improving or enhancing their communication, trust, and support skills while engaging in a memorable experience. This course provides an opportunity for teams to experience a variety of group challenges together in small groups of four to eight, with the option to exit the course through the paired hydraulic zip line. The authentic challenges provided in this experience require the use of skills and knowledge that are important to the functioning of teams during daily interactions. These programs must be paired with a low challenge course, orienteering course or mobile course and can take from 2 to 4 hours.

Orienteering Course

Team QuestIn this course, participants are grouped into smaller teams in order to navigate a pre-set course plotted across our training facility. Teams are given a starting budget and have opportunities to gain or lose (Team QUEST) money depending on how well they perform together. Along the way, groups will encounter various problem solving initiatives to examine group interactions. Team QUEST roots this experience in your organization’s core values; therefore the program offers a meaningful opportunity for practical application of your organization’s mission and can help you to find your ‘true north.’

Mobile Campus

Our mobile campus brings Team QUEST to you! With a wide variety of portable options we can customize any group oriented program to match your needs. Whether you need an initial team building program for a conference or would like a 3.5 hour program that focuses on in-depth team building skills, we can organize a program to meet your needs.